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Concrete Admixture

In order to boost the durability of structures, concrete admixtures can be used to decrease the amount of cement, enable greater use of supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs), and even increase resistance to the environment.

Waterproofing System

The process of creating a barrier across the surfaces of a building's foundation, roof, walls, and other structural parts in order to stop water from penetrating these surfaces is known as waterproofing.

Concrete Repair Compound

The process of repairing and renovating concrete structures and infrastructure is crucial. By extending a structure's lifespan and avoiding demolition and reconstruction, it aids in the provision of a sustainable approach to construction.

Industrial Flooring

Industrial flooring refers to seamless concrete floors used in the industrial sector - typical industrial concrete floors offer various advantages such as durability and resilience to abrasion, heavy traffic, and large loads.

Grout System

A composite material called grout is often made of sand, cement, and water. It is frequently used to reinforce preexisting structures, fill spaces under machinery or other structural components, and seal joints and surface openings.

Surface Treatment

A variety of building types, including those made of brick, stone, concrete, asphalt, and slate, are capable of having their surfaces treated, including horizontal surfaces like roofs and vertical surfaces like walls.

Protective Coating

Coatings are protective coatings and sealants used on a variety of surfaces to enhance their appearance, corrosion resistance, adhesion, and scratch resistance. Nowadays, polyurethane, epoxy resin, and acrylic coatings are the most frequently utilized construction coatings.

Adhesive System

In the building and construction, adhesive use is rising. This relates to chemical anchor-reinforced dowels. In the building and construction industry, the sealing and repair of structural component cracks is still on the rise.

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In 2021, Globalmix was launched. This business manufactures and supplies building chemicals to the construction sector. It engages in a variety of activities, such as producing and selling specialized chemicals for the civil engineering sector.

The company participated in the industry’s rapid growth in construction chemicals and was a preferred supplier for the majority of contractors. It has developed into a producer of cutting-edge, high-quality construction systems and chemicals.


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